Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Volunteer At Perspectives Inc- Hear my story of our Dakota Grill and Jazz Night

Thanks to a drawing at the Perspectives volunteer appreciation night my husband Bruce and I were able to spend a fantastic afternoon and evening at the Dakota Restaurant and Jazz Club as Chef Jack’s guests. He was incredibly hospitable and invited us to join his kitchen crew to make the night’s special, Steelhead trout. He taught us some new knife and cooking techniques as we prepared the greens, sauce, and corn flan for the special. Before we left the kitchen Chef Jack prepared the entire dish and we joined the other chefs to watch and taste. Delicious!

We weren’t done yet. After a quick change we came back to see the show featuring Ben doing jazz renditions of Bob Dylan songs that were incredible. We were served a tasting menu chosen by Chef Jack that included many of the foods we had watched being prepared and some that we had worked on. What a wonderful experience!

Thank you, Perspectives it was a great time. The opportunity to volunteer for such a great organization with such a wonderful mission has been a great joy in my life.


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