Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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We have moved!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You Can Help Our Campers

Can you help our campers this year with supplies?  Here is what is needed. Please share with others that they may help.

2012 Camping Supply List – Request for Donations

Request #1 - YMCA Camps – 18 Campers – Ages 8-12 – Boys and Girls

Supply List – 18 of each of the following supplies:
1.      Basic Duffel Bag – preference would be for the bags to be dark in color and all the same bag
2.      Beach Towel
3.      Flashlight with Batteries
4.      Disposable Camera
5.      Sunscreen – 30 SPF +
6.      Bug Lotion
7.      Toothbrush
8.      Sunglasses

Travel Sizes – 18 of each of the following supplies:
1.      Stick Deodorant
2.      Shampoo
3.      Soap

Request #2 – Wilderness Inquiry Camping Experience - 12 Campers – Ages 11-14 – Girls
  1.  6  - large bottles of sunscreen – SPF 50+
  2. 6  - bottles bug spray
  3. 12  - towels
  4. 12  - Flashlights with batteries
  5. 12  - Chap stick with sunscreen
  6. 24  - Bandanas – in assorted colors/designs
  7. 12  - Duffle bags
  8. 12  - Water bottles
  9. 6 - Decks of cards (playing cards, Uno, Skipbo ect.)
  10. 12  - Sunglasses
  11. Ingredients for trail mix –raisins, peanuts, M & M’s, pretzels, ect.
  12. 12 pairs of tube socks

Friday, April 27, 2012

Caring Youth Award Presented to Liza Magill of Kids Connection Program

Liza Magill of Perspectives Kids Connection Program is selected for the Caring Youth Award of St. Louis Park. Twenty three years now, Roland and Doris Larson, members of Westwood Lutheran Church, had an idea. The Caring Youth event was created at Westwood Lutheran Church twenty three years ago out of the Larson’ life-long passion for youth ministry and caring.

Last night twenty-two youth were awarded at the Marriot West in Minneapolis. Congratulations to all of the deserving youth and to our own volunteer Liza Magill.

Volunteer Recognition Week Fun

What a grand week it was here at Perspectives as we celebrated volunteers. Volunteer Recognition Week at Perspectives took place the week of April 23rd. There was a lot of fun activity going on in each program making volunteers and the impact they make here undeniably visible. Posters and pictures could be seen on the walls in each program in recognition of volunteers. Kids Connection scrolled volunteer pictures up on the TV screens in the café and on the café windows. Parenting Time and Child Care had posters up in the lobby so everyone who walked in the door could observe the special recognition week.

Food and beverages were served in our main lobby as volunteers came in to fulfill their shift. It was without a doubt, a week of great fun.

Volunteers, we know that you are our biggest donors of time, talent, energy, skills and passion. We could not do our important work with families without you special people.

I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being,let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Volunteer Drawings in Honor of Volunteer Recognition Week

Volunteer Recognition week this year is being celebrated the week of April 23rd. Our theme this year in tribute to our volunteers is “Volunteers are a work of heart.” In keeping with the theme we are giving away volunteer pins with hearts and thank you messages on them as well as inspiration rocks. Each program staff at Perspectives had their own way of recognizing their stellar volunteers. I greeted volunteers that came in the door and served up some lemonade and cookies.

Three volunteer drawings have taken place: One random drawing, one drawing for the most volunteer hours here in the last year, and the longest tenured volunteer. The random drawing winner is Joe Peters of the Kids Connection Program, the most volunteer hours here in the last year is Vanessa Moore of administration, and our longest volunteer in number of years is Kristin Schwarzbauer in the Child Care Program. Congratulations to all of you that won the drawing and know your all winners in Perspectives' eyes.

We are so proud to have such committed volunteers helping to break negative cycles and making a healthier community. What a fun week this has been.

“It only takes a small group of citizens to change the world.” Margaret Mead

Laura Rogers
Director of Volunteers

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Volunteers are a Work of Heart

Last week, Perspectives’ hosted a volunteer training. Present, were 10 incoming volunteers
for the Summer Youth, Employment, Special Events and the Parenting Time Program. Laura Rogers, Director of Volunteers opened up the orientation training in our small board room with the volunteer video showing on the wall on our DVD player.

What a great group of volunteers. They are quite eager to start volunteering and learning more about the families they will be serving here at Perspectives. These volunteers will make a great impact by assisting in the classrooms, park and pool, and parenting time sessions. These volunteers help us at Perspectives break negative cycles.

We welcome all of you with open arms. Perspectives’ knows that without volunteers we could not do the extraordinary work that we do with families. You are a valuable asset to our programs and we are so glad you chose our agency to volunteer.

“Volunteers make the world go round.” Laura Rogers

Monday, April 23, 2012

Week of April 23rd- Volunteer Recogntion Week at Perspectives

It is that time of year again where we recognize our amazing volunteers. Volunteers keep this place going and it would be virtually impossible for us to do what we do without you. The directors have been working for the last month designing ways that their individual programs will honor all of you volunteers.

All volunteers this year and last year and on our volunteer roster are invited in to our agency any time Monday through Friday between 9-5 for lemonade and cookies as a small token of appreciation. Volunteer Wordles are framed with volunteer of the month winners, longest volunteer hours, and longest duration volunteer of the year will be displayed. Each volunteer will be able to take a  volunteer pin that match our theme this year “Volunteers are a work of Heart” and an inspiration rock.

Thank you for all that you do, and hope to see you this week!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Nash Finch Comes To Perspectives

Tuesday, April 10th I stood eagerly at a volunteer expo at the Nash Finch Headquarters share with their staff about an exciting opportunity to volunteer at Perspectives.  I was one of ten fantastic non-profit agencies speaking about the important community projects that had been organized by Nash Finch for their Helping Hands in the Community Day.

For the second year in a row, Nash Finch is shutting down their corporate office and hundreds of employees will provide much needed help to many nonprofit partners across the Twin Cities.

In addition to Perspectives, other agencies involved are; The Bridge for Troubled Youth, Sojourner, Loaves & Fishes and more. This year’s Helping Hands in the Community Day is set for June 14th, and those employees who come to Perspectives will be assisting with building dressers, beds and perhaps even landscaping.  These staff members are very efficient as last year they put together forty dressers in four hours.

We so appreciate our affiliation with Nash Finch Company and we hope to enjoy many more years of partnership. Thanks and we will see you all at our site in the not too distant future.

Laura Rogers, M.A.
Director of Volunteers

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Can Make Our Kids Smile- Help With Basket Fixins' For Egg Hunting

You can help us by donating in for the Easter Egg Hunt for our kids in our housing program.
  •  62 Baskets needed
  •  Basket Grass
  • 300 plastic Eggs
  • Candy
  • Jelly Beans
When do we need it here at our site?  By the week of April 2nd

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Reflections from a Kids Cafe Volunteer & Hockey Player

Benilde St. Margaret’s hockey player and Perspectives’ volunteer Justin Quale, reflects on what the state hockey win felt like to him and his fellow teammates. Justin is a volunteer in our charming café on Tuesday nights this semester. I recruit Benilde students each semester to volunteer in our Kids Connection program to work with our at risk k-5th grade students.

In December of this year, a Benilde Hockey player Jack Jablonski, better known as Jabby, sustained serious spinal cord injuries during a game.  Winning the state championship inhockey was a surreal feeling on so many levels Justin Quale stated.  The team was so bound and determined to “do it” for Jabby.

Scrolling over the Kids café video screen was the bright Red Knight Win Congratulations from Perspectives staff.  “Congratulations on the big state win over Minnetonka, Justin. What was it like winning that game since the year was such an emotional journey for the team?"
“It was an amazing night and season. Knowing that Jabby was watching the games from his hospital room
made us all the more determined to fight as hard as we could, just like Jabby has done. The night of the game, Jabby was able to watch the on the sidelines and even lifted his arm up when he knew we won. The spirit of community was something none of us will ever forget.  Jack was able to come out on the ice with us and celebrate the win.”

Sincere congratulations to Justin and the Benilde St. Margaret’s hockey team for taking the state championship. I think I can say for the common person who has watched this emotional season that the love for their teammate Jablonski was awe inspiring.

Chef For A Day

March 13th was a special night for Kids Connection 5th graders.  This is the night the Kids Connection staff honor our students by executing a thoughtful recognition dinner. We all know without a doubt here at Perspectives that our volunteers make each and every event come alive. Well, this night was no exception.  I will tell a tale of a chef who made this night smooth as silk when it could have been a different story. Our own full time Chef Dan was out unexpectedly on the day the event was to take place. One of our newest Chefs in the café volunteering that night was Joseph Arcand. He is a recent graduate of the culinary program at MCTC and just started in our café as a volunteer in February.  Mayme Casey, Director of the Children’s Program offered Joe the opportunity to make the event come together since he had the skills
it took to make it happen. Mayme explained the menu, the time dinner was to be on the table
and a few more important details.

Joe jumped right in and led the food portion of the event with skill and poise. The night was a huge success because this recent graduate had the confidence and blended all the skills needed to make this night look easy.
A job well did Joe. We are glad you are a part of the Kids Connection team.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cozy In The Kitchen

Do you want a fun activity to do and help out our great cause? Well then I have just the
thing for you! It is called “Get Cozy in the Kitchen”. You can join Sue Zelickson for an intimate gathering celebrating innovative kitchen trends and designs. Enjoy life chef demos, food stations and wine tasting. This event will take place at the Crystal Kitchen Center, 3620 Winnetka Ave N.,on March 22nd from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The cost is just $10.00 a person with all proceeds going to Perspectives Kids Cafe.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Volunteers of The Month For February

 Let's hear it for our Volunteers of the Month For February.  

Each month our programs here at Perspectives serving families select a volunteer that goes above and beyond.  Here are our chosen ones for February:

  • Child-Care- Kristin- She is a fabulous volunteer.  She has been volunteering here for eight years. She is adept at comforting crying children, playing ping-pong, and reminding people of the rules they may have forgotten.  The children gravitate to her because she is caring. She is curious, enthusiastic, dedicated, skilled and shares good will.
  • Supportive Housing- Shauna is our case management assistant. She works with our Suppportive Housing staff as well as the residents. She is dedicated, hard working and a sponge of curiosity. She genuinely cares for her clients and wants the best for everyone. 

  • Kids Connection- Brittany- Brittany works with our students in the Kids Connection program. The Kids Connection team describes this volunteer as helpful, organized, motivated, improvisational, thoughtful, caring, genuine, empathetic, passionate, go-getter, fun, playful and calm. 

  •  Parenting Time- Sue- Sue works with our parents and children in the ParentingTime program. She arrives eager and ready to learn. Goes above and beyond by asking to do more when she has down time. Great at writing up her case notes on the family sessions.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
    Margaret Mead

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 Winter /Spring Orientation Volunteer Training

Last week, Perspectives’ hosted a volunteer training. Present, were 16 incoming volunteers
for the Kids Connection and the Parenting Time Program.
Laura Rogers, Director of Volunteers,opened up the orientation training with a circle space.
Circle spaces help with a community feel and a positive energy flow.
Mayme Casey, Director of Children’s Programs and her teaching staff trained their volunteers on topics such as:conflict management, behavior management,responsive classroom theory and much more.
A great way to describe this new group of volunteers is eager. They declared that volunteering for our population at Perspectives had them wanting to make a great impact. A great impact they will make by assisting in the classrooms, cafe,and parenting time sessions.
We welcome all of you with open arms. Perspectives’ knows that without volunteers we could not do the extraordinary work that we do with families. You are a valuable asset to our programs and we are so glad you chose our agency to volunteer.

“Volunteers make the world go round.” Laura Rogers

Monday, February 13, 2012

Immaculate Conception Volunteers

Last Wednesday we were graced with a great group of volunteers from Immaculate Conception Church
in Watertown, Minnesota. Ten volunteers and ten mentors came to do service work for their confirmation class.
From the moment they arrived they jumped right in to our playground fielding fly balls,
tossing Frisbees, and playing tag with the kids from Kids Connection.We then adjourned to Kids Cafe to bake pretzels wrapped in dough. The dough was decidedly uncooperative but, with the assistance of our enthusiastic volunteers, soon we had a delicious snack. It being such a large group of volunteers, some worked at cleaning and organizing toys, some baked, some kneaded dough, but each one did it with a joyful heart. So we ended the evening with content children, full tummies and a clean storage room.

Thanks to all of you volunteers. We really appreciated your help.
Bernadette and Child Care Crew

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Solera Sunday's

A few weeks back, Jorge Guzman, Executive Chef at Solera Restaurant, mentioned to Perspectives Board Member Sue Zelickson, that he would like to do something special for the families in our Supportive Housing program.  That conversation grew into a generous offering that we now call Solera Sunday’s!  
On the 3rd Sunday of each month one of our SHP families is invited to enjoy a free dinner at Solera.  From the valet parking, to the nine course meal, the mothers and children expressed such sincere gratitude for the kindness they felt.  The relaxed nature of the Solera dining experience gives our families plenty of time to soak up their exquisite surrounds and engage in wonderful conversation.  
A sincere and warm thank you to Jorge Guzman and Sue Zelickson for taking the time to care and touch the lives of our families.  Next time you visit Solera (or if you haven’t put it on your short list of dining experiences) take the time to thank Jorge and his entire staff making our residents feels like they were the most important people on the earth.

Laura Rogers
Director of Volunteers

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Night To Remember

Buzzing in the background of our charming cafe, one could hear smooth jazz playing as January 25Th became a night to remember for Perspectives residents. Perspectives hosted the Supportive Housing Program Recognition Event which happens two times per year.  Glowing candles, fresh flowers, and fine dining set the mood for this amazing event.
Our women work hard on their journey to freedom from addiction.  On this night, Perspectives staff and their housing community will recognize, honor, and treasure them.  Medallions, words of praise, gratitude, and hope fill the air.  A guest chef, guest poet, and motivational speaker, all volunteers, are all part of the event and make all the women feel special and deserving.
More volunteers make up the kitchen crew that prepared and served a superb baked chicken dinner.  The dinner was topped off with rich chocolate cake.  Smiles were everywhere.
Each woman attending, you make us proud, volunteers you make us smile, staff, you are an incredible group that helps women know without a doubt that they are worthy, lovable, capable and ready to give back to their communities.
Laura Rogers
Director of Volunteers

Friday, January 20, 2012

Donation Wish List For Programs At Perspectives'

•Glue Sticks                                                              
•Paper tape
•AA Batteries and C batteries
•Paint Brushes
•Painting Paper (thick)
•Yarn (wool or something strong)
•Sturdy string or rope
•Rice for the sand table
•Potting Soil
•Water Game
•Play Camera
•Poster Board
•Tissue Paper
•Coffee Filters
•Fabric Ribbons
•Cotton (For stuffing)
•Push Pins
•Ingredients for homemade play dough (flour,salt,cream of tartar,and oil)
•Bird Seed
•Miniature pumpkins or gourds
•Excersize balls
•Jump rope
•Thin wooden dowels
•Ear phones
Baby stroller
Cheap synthesizer piano
Marble maze
Grain mill
Juggling scarves and balls

List of Items we could collect
Small plastic Jars with secure lids that screw on
Cardboard from toilet paper rolls
Egg cartons
Plastic Bottles
Various natural materials

•School supplies (new only)
•CURRENT- Hats and Mittens
oConstruction paper
oDry erase markers
oWaterStop watch
•Lego kits
•With instructions & steps how to build
•All pieces
•Photo paper
•Play dough
•Small white boards (student size)
•Art Project Kits ( Like Card making kit)
•Glue sticks
•K – Nex
•AA Batteries
•AAA Batteries
•Leap Pad Systems
•Game Boy Advance and Games
•Solid Colored Hot Pads
KITCHEN SUPPLIES - Kids Connection Program
•    Canned Goods
∙Corn            ∙Pears            ∙Mixed fruit
∙Green beans        ∙Peaches        ∙Diced tomatoes
∙Peas            ∙Applesauce        ∙Tomato sauce
•    Dry goods
∙Spaghetti noodles        ∙Wide egg noodles
∙Elbow macaroni        ∙White rice
•Digital camera
•Office Chairs
•Office Supplies
oCopy Paper

•Plumbers hacksaw (new)
•Weed whacker (new)
oGas operated
•Claw Hammer
o16 oz
oFiberglass handle
•Tape Measure
o25’ long
o1” wide
oConstruction Grade
o6-in-1 Screw Driver
•Set of silverware for 4
oNew or used
oMust be Matching & full set
•8 glasses (Must be Matching set)
•Set of serving bowls with lids (New & Must be matching set)
•Cutting Board (New & Plastic)
•Toaster (New)
•Cookie sheet, Pizza sheet (New)
•Silverware tray (New or used)
•Kitchen dish cloth/linens (New only)
•Ice cube Tray (New or used)
•Garbage Can (New)
•Dish Rack (Must be new)
•Pots/Pans Set (New & Must be full & matching set)

•Shower Curtain- New
•Shower Curtain Hooks (must be new)
•Shower Curtain Liner (must be new)
•Bath Mat (must be new)
•Two bath, hand, & wash clothes (new & must be matching set)
•Bath Rug (new)
•Waste Basket (new)

oDouble bed size
oTwin bed size
•Crib Sheets & Mattress Pad (must be new)
•Top fitted sheets & pillow case
oDouble bed size
oTwin bed size
•Pillow (new)
SUPPORTIVE HOUSING – Cleaning Supplies
•Broom (new)
•Mop (new)
•Mop bucket (new)
•Toilet bowl brush (new)
•Toilet bowl cleaner (new)
•Four pack of sponges (new)
•Windex (new)
•Laundry Soap (new)
•Dish Soap (new)
•Hand Soap (new)
•Oven Cleaner (new)
•Roll of Paper Towels
•Trash Bags (new & 13 gallon size)
•Hangers (new or used)
oSet of 13-must be connected together for easy moving
SUPPORTIVE HOUSING – Personal Hygiene Products
•Bar soap (new & individually wrapped)
•Toilet paper (packages of four)
Current 2012 Needs
•Clothing women’s size 26/28/30
•Toddler high chair
•An umbrella stroller for shp to loan out
•24 planners
•One table calendar
•Eraser corkboards for new move ins
•New clothing for residents- Large sizes from 18 -22. 
•Accessories: handbags, costume jewelry, belts, & scarves
•New Tennis Shoes for kids infant up to Teens-
Needed Most:
Laundry kits including: Basket, rolls of quarters, laundry soap or powder, dryer sheets
Emergency Kits Including:  rolls of quarters, baby formula, planners, bus cards, gas cards, cub food cards.

•Tuition Scholarships/Financial aid for women residents for Post Secondary Ed. (new)
•Bicycle (female)
•New Toys
•Family Sponsorships & Toy Drive for all ages (new)
•First Aid Kits (must be new & in original package)
•Daily planners for residents (new)
Yearly calendars for residents (new)
•Bus passes
•HD Flat Screen TV that will be compatible for 09
•Digital Camera at least 3 pixel
•VCR/DVD Combo player
•Toy Drive for kids infant up to Teen Age- Teen Gifts

•Ping Pong Table- commercial if possible
•Put Together Wooden Kits for Trains, Step Stools for Toddlers, Airplanes(can get at Menards or Home Depot and families can put them together while in session).
•Board Games 
oCatch Phrase
oUno Attack
oHungry Hungry Hippos,
oApples to Apples, Apples to Apples Jr
oLego’s – Variety Pack
•Books- Stories with sounds, music buttons on sides.
oHappy Feet
oSpeed Racer,
oDisney Movies
oThomas the Train
Strawberry Shortcake
Max & Ruby
Wonder Pets
Little Einstein
•Art Projects/Kits for families
oPipe Cleaners
oSafety Scissors
oGlue Sticks
oPaper ( Construction & Scrap)
oColoring Books
oBaby Dolls
oBig paper for art projects
oPlay Doh
Current Wish list for Employment Program
•Bus Cards and gas cards
•Target Gift Cards
•Gift Cards for car repairs (oil change,Tires,Brakes,Tune ups…)
•2 pocket presentation folders
•Resume Paper
•Book Case
•Disinfecting Wipes
•Snacks for job club participants
•6 section classification folders (letter size) to file cases.
•Plastic Cups and plates
•An office chair for VP of Programs

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Saying Good-Bye To Jeffrey Postuma- Director of Parenting Time

Saying Good-Bye to Jeffrey Postuma
Director of Parenting Time

Always laughing or cracking a joke, while working diligently, Jeffrey’s spirit will be missed at Perspectives. For 12 years Jeffrey has been the Director of our Parenting Time program.  This program reunites non-custodial parents with their children by providing comprehensive services to parents who have been ordered by a court to have supervision and to receive instruction and coaching on appropriate parenting behavior while visiting their children. Jeffrey’s last day at Perspectives was last Wednesday, January 4th. 

The staff joined for a farewell potluck at Kids Cafe, and in addition to some fun stories he received a signed bowling pin from Park Tavern Restaurant & Bowling.  This was to commemorate a particular funny staff event which left him with the nickname “Twinkle Toes Postuma”. You will have to ask him the details.

Jeffrey will be running his own business, Jeffrey Postuma LLC, providing a variety of services to families such as parenting consulting, supervised parenting time, mediations, home safety assessments, ect to families throughout the state.   We wish him good luck in his new venture and know he will exceed all expectations.

Jeffrey and Perspectives’ will stay connected as he stated, “Perspectives is home to me. I have had all my kids while working at Perspectives and many life changes.” 
Jeffrey, you will always be a part of Perspectives. We want you to know how very proud of the work and the successful program you built here for the Parenting Time Program. 


Cargill's Own Jennifer Montillino and Val Carver Make Holiday Wishes Come True

Two women who get things done for the good of others are Val Carver and Jennifer Montillino. This amazing power house duo lead the “Cargill Holiday Adopt -A –Family Gift Program” for Perspectives’ Supportive Housing residents.  This is the third annual gift program from Cargill employees! It is not an easy job coordinating gifts for 52 women and over 120 children during the holidays.  However, Val & Jennifer made it look so easy…all of our families were adopted by Thanksgiving.

They were able to secure a pod that was housed in Perspectives’ parking lot throughout the holiday season. What a sight to behold, watching Cargill employees dropping off gifts and Laura Rogers, Director of Volunteers at Perspectives’, effortlessly loading them into the pod.  Each year the process of gift coordination and gift delivery becomes easier. Val & Jennifer’s passion, organizational skills and patience are greatly used and help to make this program sail.

Laura Rogers, who manages this partnership each year said, “Val and Jennifer,your hard work has put so much joy into the lives of our families living in our housing program. I have personally had clients here at Perspectives tell me that they could not believe the fantastic gifts they received over the holidays.  One client said, ““Laura, every gift I put on my wish-list was wrapped and given to my family and even ones I had not asked for. We are so very grateful.””

Cargill employees were also touched by their experience and here is what some Cargill employees had to say after the gift program experience.

“This was a rewarding experience. I was humbled by the simple gifts requested by the family member that I adopted and more than happy to purchase the things. I nearly cried when I read her list because so often the world is filled with elaborate “wants” and her wish list was quite simple. I welcome the opportunity to participate in the Adopt-a-Family again next year.”

“My group used the “Adopt-A-Family” program as an opportunity for a team building event. In the face of growing economic concern and instability in the world around us, it was very grounding to be able to pull to together as a team and make the holidays a little better for some local families. It reminded us of the spirit of holiday giving and the gift you get in return.”

“At a time when Cargill was faced with lots of changes related to the economy, we were able to support a fellow team in helping them fulfill their commitment to ‘Adopt a Family’ by providing them with money; based on us exceeding our fundraising goal/need. This was a testament to the Cargill family helping out one another in fulfilling our commitments.”

Val and Jennifer are a testament of how hope and love survive in the lives of at risk families. It is because of their strong passion and commitment that Perspectives’ families can say, “I had Christmas for my family.”

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” Cahill Gabran

Laura Rogers
Director of Volunteers
Perspectives, Inc.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mrs. Kelly's Tea Donates Proceeds to Perspectives

Last weekend Mindy Kelly, owner of Mrs. Kelly’s Tea, once again hosted her holiday tea tasting event.   Over 20 vendors joined Mindy and her 100+ teas, to taste many holiday treats, sip some of the finest teas around and come together to celebrate the holidays.  Guests were asked to provide a $2 donation and/or a nonperishable food item.  Funds collected for the event once again went to Perspectives and the food went to Second Harvest Food Shelf.  Thank you Mindy for your continued generosity and support of our Kids Cafe program.   If you are looking for a GREAT holiday gift for the tea lover in your life go and visit

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