Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Volunteers are a Work of Heart

Last week, Perspectives’ hosted a volunteer training. Present, were 10 incoming volunteers
for the Summer Youth, Employment, Special Events and the Parenting Time Program. Laura Rogers, Director of Volunteers opened up the orientation training in our small board room with the volunteer video showing on the wall on our DVD player.

What a great group of volunteers. They are quite eager to start volunteering and learning more about the families they will be serving here at Perspectives. These volunteers will make a great impact by assisting in the classrooms, park and pool, and parenting time sessions. These volunteers help us at Perspectives break negative cycles.

We welcome all of you with open arms. Perspectives’ knows that without volunteers we could not do the extraordinary work that we do with families. You are a valuable asset to our programs and we are so glad you chose our agency to volunteer.

“Volunteers make the world go round.” Laura Rogers


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