Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chef For A Day

March 13th was a special night for Kids Connection 5th graders.  This is the night the Kids Connection staff honor our students by executing a thoughtful recognition dinner. We all know without a doubt here at Perspectives that our volunteers make each and every event come alive. Well, this night was no exception.  I will tell a tale of a chef who made this night smooth as silk when it could have been a different story. Our own full time Chef Dan was out unexpectedly on the day the event was to take place. One of our newest Chefs in the café volunteering that night was Joseph Arcand. He is a recent graduate of the culinary program at MCTC and just started in our café as a volunteer in February.  Mayme Casey, Director of the Children’s Program offered Joe the opportunity to make the event come together since he had the skills
it took to make it happen. Mayme explained the menu, the time dinner was to be on the table
and a few more important details.

Joe jumped right in and led the food portion of the event with skill and poise. The night was a huge success because this recent graduate had the confidence and blended all the skills needed to make this night look easy.
A job well did Joe. We are glad you are a part of the Kids Connection team.


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