Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Saying Good-Bye To Jeffrey Postuma- Director of Parenting Time

Saying Good-Bye to Jeffrey Postuma
Director of Parenting Time

Always laughing or cracking a joke, while working diligently, Jeffrey’s spirit will be missed at Perspectives. For 12 years Jeffrey has been the Director of our Parenting Time program.  This program reunites non-custodial parents with their children by providing comprehensive services to parents who have been ordered by a court to have supervision and to receive instruction and coaching on appropriate parenting behavior while visiting their children. Jeffrey’s last day at Perspectives was last Wednesday, January 4th. 

The staff joined for a farewell potluck at Kids Cafe, and in addition to some fun stories he received a signed bowling pin from Park Tavern Restaurant & Bowling.  This was to commemorate a particular funny staff event which left him with the nickname “Twinkle Toes Postuma”. You will have to ask him the details.

Jeffrey will be running his own business, Jeffrey Postuma LLC, providing a variety of services to families such as parenting consulting, supervised parenting time, mediations, home safety assessments, ect to families throughout the state.   We wish him good luck in his new venture and know he will exceed all expectations.

Jeffrey and Perspectives’ will stay connected as he stated, “Perspectives is home to me. I have had all my kids while working at Perspectives and many life changes.” 
Jeffrey, you will always be a part of Perspectives. We want you to know how very proud of the work and the successful program you built here for the Parenting Time Program. 



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