Monday, February 13, 2012

Immaculate Conception Volunteers

Last Wednesday we were graced with a great group of volunteers from Immaculate Conception Church
in Watertown, Minnesota. Ten volunteers and ten mentors came to do service work for their confirmation class.
From the moment they arrived they jumped right in to our playground fielding fly balls,
tossing Frisbees, and playing tag with the kids from Kids Connection.We then adjourned to Kids Cafe to bake pretzels wrapped in dough. The dough was decidedly uncooperative but, with the assistance of our enthusiastic volunteers, soon we had a delicious snack. It being such a large group of volunteers, some worked at cleaning and organizing toys, some baked, some kneaded dough, but each one did it with a joyful heart. So we ended the evening with content children, full tummies and a clean storage room.

Thanks to all of you volunteers. We really appreciated your help.
Bernadette and Child Care Crew


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