Friday, January 27, 2012

A Night To Remember

Buzzing in the background of our charming cafe, one could hear smooth jazz playing as January 25Th became a night to remember for Perspectives residents. Perspectives hosted the Supportive Housing Program Recognition Event which happens two times per year.  Glowing candles, fresh flowers, and fine dining set the mood for this amazing event.
Our women work hard on their journey to freedom from addiction.  On this night, Perspectives staff and their housing community will recognize, honor, and treasure them.  Medallions, words of praise, gratitude, and hope fill the air.  A guest chef, guest poet, and motivational speaker, all volunteers, are all part of the event and make all the women feel special and deserving.
More volunteers make up the kitchen crew that prepared and served a superb baked chicken dinner.  The dinner was topped off with rich chocolate cake.  Smiles were everywhere.
Each woman attending, you make us proud, volunteers you make us smile, staff, you are an incredible group that helps women know without a doubt that they are worthy, lovable, capable and ready to give back to their communities.
Laura Rogers
Director of Volunteers


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