Friday, November 18, 2011

November 2011 Volunteers of the Month

Debra Gabrielson is the volunteer of the month for our childcare program. Debra is adept at playing games and assisting children with crafts. She anticipates the needs of children sometimes even before they know them. She is also a superb cleaner and keeps our space germ free.

Kids Connection
Our two interns, Laura Doran and Emily Haffley have been chosen as the volunteers of the month for Kids Connection. They are both enthusiastic, engaged, smart, bring positive energy, courteous, driven, dedicated, thoughtful, facilitate a lot of behind the scenes activities which makes all events go smoothly. Thanks for being great interns for our program and students. It seems you have been here forever with how comfortable you seem in the cafe.

Parenting Time
Susan Gordon is our volunteer of the month for parenting time. Susan is dedicated, reliable, and a highly skilled member of the Parenting Time Program team. Susan provides compassionate and informed intake services to parents which in turn lays a strong foundation for the family's future success in the program. Without a doubt, Susan has made parenting time services a stronger and more efficient program for staff, parents, and children. Thank you Susan, for all you do. You are very much appreciated.


Jenn said...

Sounds like you have awesome volunteers!

Laura Rogers said...

Thanks. They are amazing.

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