Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Letter From Kids Connection Program to our faithful, loyal ACF Chefs

Our families in our kids connection program sent personal thank you's to some fabulous chefs from American Culinary Federation. These chefs have truly inspired us to be more thoughtful about what community really means.  These giving chefs donate over 50 volunteer hours per academic school year, to our families served in the Kids Connection Program.  The Letter Say's It All:

Dear Mark and Pat,
I would like to show our appreciation to ACF.  Please share the message below with everyone connected to the Thanksgiving dinner event and monthly meals.
Mayme Casey

Dear ACF Chefs,

Thank you, thank you for providing a delicious Thanksgiving meal on November 16.   Because of your support and enthusiasm, we were able to host a traditional Thanksgiving celebration for over 150 people.  As I walked through our dining areas, I noticed families and friends sharing a meal together and building community.  We appreciate you helping us provide opportunities for our families to interact with new people and enjoy each other’s company. 

We are very grateful for our partnership with ACF.  You have been a loyal partner for years and we all look forward to the third Tuesday of the month.  We know that you will come here with a smile, share your passion for cooking and provide our families with a delicious meal.  We often here are students say, “How many more days until the chefs with the tall white hats be here?”  Please know that you are recognized by the students as important members of the Kids Connection community and you are having a positive impact on their lives. 

Our parents wanted to show their appreciation to you and express their gratitude for the Thanksgiving celebration. Please see the attached thank you notes from our families. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!

With much respect,

Mayme Casey


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