Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Parenting Time Family Story

It is so nice to write stories of hope, happiness and gratitude, in this fast paced, I want more.... mentality,  that we sometime see in the world. 

Let me take you to a story that will warm your heart.  It is a story of appreciation, from one of our parents in our parenting time program here at Perspectives Inc.  Our parenting time program lets parents who would otherwise not be able to spend time and parent their children, in a safe and beautiful environment.  We all go through transitions in our life and the parents in this program are no exception.  They have at Perspectives Inc. the ability to safely parent their children and learn parenting skills from an exceptional curriculum that we have parents participate in. Most of our families are low income families which can create even more barriers to help.

One of our parents who made it through this curriculum and learned many news ways of parenting with her children felt uplifted.  After recieving a gift of completion for her time well spent on many learning activities within the parent curriculum,  she wept as she told Director Jeffrey Postuma how her birthday was coming up and she could not believe we gave her a gift.  She recieved a cupcake kit that she was so excited about using as a special quality time tool  with her children.

Hats off to you mom, we appreciate the good your doing for the community in building new tools with your children. It is said, "It Takes a Village"


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