Saturday, December 11, 2010

I feel Like an elf

Sometimes you feel like an elf, some time you dont, la la la-  Please listen to the lovely winter music.

The large, round, fluffy, light snow, falls softly down in between the down town sky scrapers. I feel blessed to be here and to be surrounded by such generous, kind human beings. Standing in the large, corporate Target building in Minneapolis, the sweet childrens' music fills the room. These are the voices of angels. The homeless, at-risk children I work with at Perspectives Inc, helped a New York Producer create and produce this music cd . The music seems to inspire a certain feeling of giving here today. My heart feels full and I feel most grateful for this opportunity to work with Target corporation. The target employees are here today for this two hour period of time, to give back to our at risk families. The staff seems to really enjoy the cd, I play. They sway back and forth and clap to the music. They are here for the giving of this special season and I am most happy to be here and oblige them and witness this great generosity.
I stand at the window and see below me, a neon sign that says, " Murrays Steak House". Oh, that looks so good, especially since it is almost lunch time. The atmosphere is palpable here at target, as the staff creates artistic holiday sayings and pictures on canvas bags. They also pack flu kits for our at risk families in a line similiar to that of an a assembly line. This is what the assembly line looks like:
  • Kleenex- Next- thermometer- next- chicken noodle soup- next- wash cloth- next- gatorade- next- hand sanitizer- next - Put the entire bag in the canvas tote. Ahhh.
By the end of the two hour period, Target employees have packed up over 300 flu kit canvas bags. They are all decorated differently with colorful pictures and words of hope and inspiration. I get paid to do this work. I Train the volunteers on the project they have committed to do for us, in collaboration with a volunteer agency called Hands On Twin Cities. They set us up with a United Way partner and then, they come to do good works. I know and see the importance of volunteerism. As I say daily, " Volunteers make the world go round".
What an impressionable scene it was for me over looking the city and the lights as little elves packed bags up for our families.
I feel like an elf during the holiday season, along with all the other elves that help the homeless.


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