Thursday, November 4, 2010

Open Closet Night At Perspectives Inc- Styled Life Makes a Great Impact

Open Closet Night

What a blessed night for our homeless women in recovery. At Perspectives Inc. we put on an open closet night twice a year for the women that live in our housing program. From 5-9:00 P.M. we open our doors for a styled life for our women. We have one coming up on November 16th and we are gearing up.  We are looking for volunteers and any donation of clothes from size 18 to 4x. 

These women walk in the door in sweats and walk out dressed up smart and classy. They will be going out in the community for interviews for jobs/colleges. The transformation of these women is awe inspiring. Here are two men that own a high fashion store and donate their time and energy to serving our women. They dress our women for success. The women are so beautiful and know it when they walk out the door. It is amazing how much better we all feel when we are dressed smart. Kevin Quinn, the founder of StyledLife says that what he does with his entire staff is more about what they don't do, than what they do. They are wardrobe experts, they do not sell clothes because they want to educate the public on how to dress with the clothes they have.

Perspectives Inc is privileged to work with our at-risk families. Perspectives staff and families are honored to work and partner with those in the community like Tim Creagan and Kevin Quinn who care so much about our women in our housing. They are such great role models and set the standard height about how to give back in the community. Tim and Kevin want the women in our housing program to look and feel like every other woman out in the community. These men are so generous with their time and their donations of clothes. I would never be exposed to this kind of generosity if I did not have a career at Perspectives Inc. They also hold a health and wellness group here at Perspectives for our women so they can see that self care is a daily, minute by minute choice.

We are a family center that serves the forgotten and the toughest part of all of us. We need to remember that we all have our wounds. We are all broken in some way, shape or form. I am just reminded of this day in and day out because of the work we do here at Perspectives Inc.  We all have issues and it is what it is. To have community and people you care about you helping support you in those times of trouble is what makes us humans so amazing. That is why you must check out StyledLook website.

Please know that the homeless and families in poverty live right next to you. They are not some population out there. They are your neighbors, your friends, your relatives.

We all need to give back and why not do it where your most passionate.  perspectives Inc is always looking for passionate willing volunteers.   We all need each other. We are all a family in this world and are much more alike than we are different. Please, just watch and learn from Kevin Quinn, founder of a thriving business about using the clothes and accessories you already have. See that to give back is sometimes greater than being given to.


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